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With the lead production from scrap lead-acid batteries, Kudret Metal undertakes;
to comply with all applicable and encompassing environmental legislations and administrative regulations,
to take preventive measures to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution,
to keep under control all the solid, liquid and gas waste substances,
to carry out waste substances disposals within the framework of the applicable legislations,
to dispose all the waste substances under control which are impossible for recycling,
to use energy, raw materials and natural sources as efficiently as possible,
to provide a working environment for all employees in compliance with the applicable legislations,
to give employees training and continuous information about environmental management systems,
if/when requested to keep our environmental management system open to public.


Our primary policy is to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level by protecting the environment.
To use every opportunity as a development activity,
To increase our employees motivations and belongingness in order to form a positive corporate culture and to be a dynamic team,
To provide and continue to be a respective operating environment for the humankind, society and nature,
To provide the best quality, price, delivery services in our products by using our sources in the most efficient way,
To generate our own technology by following information and production technologies.


One of our main objectives is to provide and conduct health and safety at work applications along with environmental safety accordingly to the present governmental regulations and laws.
All of our workers occupational health and safety is a priority in all stages.
Necessary activities and trainings are given to all of our staff to maintain personal development and to generalize consciousness in occupational health & safety.
In order to provide a respective work environment for the society and nature all of our workers contributions is our key factor.